3d Laser Scan Survey for Construction Site

FARO focus s70 3d laser scaner

3d Laser Scan Survey for Construction Site

If you absolutely positively need ACCURACY for your construction site works, and you need it FAST, then 3D laser scanning survey is what you need.

3D Laser scanning is a highly accurate and fast way to measure a construction site and detect any clashes early. We can verify work against the building model. We can check that the model meets the reality of the site.

The machine pivots and fires 970,000 lasers per second to get fast and vivid measurements a human would not be able to do using traditional measuring instruments. The future is now!

Call 0412 883 001  for a 3D Laser Scan at your construction site in Sydney.

The places we have scanned include significant construction high rises and multi-storey CBD building projects.

  • Manufacturing facilities such as breweries
  • Townhouses in Balmain and inner-west of Sydney
  • Picton Post Office
  • NAB Bank premises in Parramatta
  • Personal residences
  • Heritage and historic buildings


How Long Does  a 3D Laser Scan Take?

The 3D laser survey scan takes a variable amount of time depending on the number of scans required to capture all key parts of the site.

The scans make ‘point cloud data’ and these are line of sight. The range is 70 metres.

Usually  a 3D laser scan survey will take only a few hours. It requires only one person with one machine that is lightweight and portable. Our skilled operator, Dave Starr, will cause minimal disruption to any works in progress.


How much does a 3D Laser Scan survey cost?

Call me and I will give you an estimate based on our conversation.

The Revit modelling experts can use the data from the scan to verify the accuracy of work on your project.


Call 0418 883 001   for a 3D Laser Scan at your CONSTRUCTION SITE in Sydney.


FARO focus s70 3d laser scaner