With our parent company building the electrical Revit model for NAB’s new Parramatta office for HeyDay5, the lads asked us to call in, scan the site and then verify the installation against the Revit to ensure the installation was within 10mm of the model.

Construction Building Information Modelling (BIM) is becoming more commonplace in the building process.

This is invaluable improvements. To put it simply, it provides better material scheduling, easier Revit coordination between trades, easier cost of building tracking, more efficient workflows, fewer human errors, and increased programming through accurate modelling.

Ultimately, all this provides a better return on investment. No doubt the bankers at NAB are crunching the numbers and see value where value lies: in this awesome technology.


80 scans completed. Indoor under 10m profile.

Average points per scan: 20,800. Accurancy (mean): 1.64mm

Sectors: plan and design with 3d models, laser scan to 3d model, 3d scanning sydney