St Mark’s Church

On a beautiful spring morning we 3D laser scanned the historic St Mark’s Church in Picton and the results are nothing short of stunning! The Faro laser scanner was used in 17 different scanning locations to create this video.

We used 17 locations for the scan because each location creates a new point cloud. The more point clouds we create, the higher the accuracy we can achieve. The scans are line-of-sight, so multiple vantage points are advantageous. We were able to get a full 360 degree view that is spectacular, as you can see.

The 3D laser scanner allows us the document existing layout with 3D models that can be used for facility and asset management or to simply record the condition of a building or asset.

Point cloud scans help the 3DLS technicians plan and design with 3D models. We are also able to provide scan to BIM services or laser scan to 3D models.


17 scans completed. Outdoor Over 20m profile.

Average points per scan: 16,000. Accurancy (mean): 2.3mm

Sectors: landscape 3D model, 3D scanning building, 3D visualization GIS